Wines to celebrate Labor Day

by Marta Burgués


May 1st, Labor Day, is a holiday and to celebrate nothing better than a glass of wine… A great way to discover new flavors along with a wide range of cuisine! Pair the wine with a snack or a special meal and enjoy this day with your loved ones. 

As we are in spring, weather is getting warmer and the sun is the protagonist. To fight the hot days, white wine is fantastic. Soft, fresh, sweet or with a spicy touch. Choose the one that best fits with you. 

A clear example are the Verdejo wines from Valladolid; they provide golden colors, ideal for the times in which we are, blending with the reflected sunlight. The Verdejo white tastes of fruits, providing a sweet and refreshing taste that we can share on a terrace next to the sea. 

Although the most remarkable Rioja wines are generally red, it also produces excellent white varieties. Therefore, for Labor Day, share a bottle of white Rioja, produced usually with Viura, Garnacha Blanca, Malvasia, Maturana white, Tempranillo white and Torrontés varieties. 

And the Moscatell Alicante white wines are very sweet, with unmistakable aromas of flowers and fruit with a different and renowned variety, with a sweet touch, perfect after a good meal. 

Along with white wines, rosés also arise during this time. Navarra rosé wines provide a full personality, with transparent burgundy color and special strawberries flavors. Rosé wines of Penedes and Priorat are quite desirable in a holiday that welcomes the summer. Merlot, Sumoll and Pinot Noir are some of the varieties used in the elaboration of these rosés, which define a full range of colors and flavors. 

Do you prefer a red? Then, we choose a Merlot variety wine, which features much sweeter and softer flavors than other more powerful reds. 

Any more recommendation? Sure! Today we recommend two wines with great value for you to save money and enjoy:

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