Wines for a barbecue

by Marta

Summer and barbecue. It is the perfect tandem, the master combination, the proposal that never fails. It was already about time to go out to eat and enjoy a good barbecue. Our chefs skills embers armed with a good piece of beef, or pork, or chicken … and they will only be improved if we know how to buy wine.

It can also happen that we are not the barbecue chief, but only simple voyeurs and tasters, in which case we cannot fail to attend the event with a generous contribution, good wine, one of those who make history. There is no better occasion.

If the barbecue is going to be meat I’d go for a Somontano like the Absum Varietals 2008, which I like much more than the Crianza; a VdlT Extremadura: Habla Nº 7 2007, of course, because it?s simply spectacular, or one from Castile, the Marqués de Griñón Petit Verdot or the Caliza, both from Dominio de Valdepusa.

With any of these wines the success at the barbecue is assured, word of honor.
If you prefer a classic, then you can choose a Ribera del Duero as Alión or Arzuaga. Protos and Pago de los Capellanes are also exquisite options. Or you can choose some of these fantastic Riojas, which would improve the whole result: Marqués de Riscal, Viña Ardanza, Viña Tondonia, Ramón Bilbao, Muga or Lagunilla Reserva 2005.

We cannot forget that the ultimate country of meat is Argentina, and that?s why to uncork a bottle of Humberto Canale Malbec, Alta Vista Cabernet Sauvignon or Artesano de Argento would be a great idea.

Napa Valley in the United States will for sure not disappoint us if choosing one of its wines. I’d go for some Zinfandel, like Ravenswood, or a Malbec, like Black Mountain Vineyard, a classically American flavor to give a different touch to your BBQ.

My last suggestion would be around some of the fantastic South African wines which I list next: The Chocolate Block, Saxenburg Private Collection or Saronsberg Seismic 2004. Of the three I would choose the first one if you are looking for a truly captivating experience. The only risk is that once you taste it, a bottle will not be enough.

Finally, if the barbecue is going to be fish, although this does not happen so often, I would come up with a French Sauvignon Blanc as Château La Louvière Blanc, because you do not need to go over forty euros wines, or any Chablis, because so far I have liked all the ones I have tried.

A Gewürztraminer or Riesling from Germany would also be an asset to accompany almost any fish or seafood on the barbecue.

From Spain I would choose a fresh Albariño with an elegant presence such as Mar de Frades, Santiago Ruiz, Martin Códax or Terras Gauda. Or a Verdejo, a classic, like the Protos Verdejo, the Belondrade y Lurton or El Transistor.

Any other wines? Of course! Here you are 2:

 TAGS:Sangue Di Giuda 2008Sangue Di Giuda 2008

Sangue Di Giuda 2008, a great italian wine, fruity and smoothy

 TAGS:Casa Castillo Monastrell 2010Casa Castillo Monastrell 2010

Casa Castillo Monastrell 2010, delicious!

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