Wines are fashionably dressed

by Alberto Martínez

The design is a fundamental part of the success of a product. Until recently the world of wine stood apart because it was thought that the prestige of a company was grounded in years and years of work, but it is also true that those who want to enjoy a wine may not know the history of every winery in the world.

In 2 words: label sells. It catches your eye. And if behind the label there’s a good wine, it will sell.

That is the thought that many wineries around the world who have modernize their labels fallow, new or younger products and more commercial or aggressive. We present some examples:

In first place we have the Dame Vida 2009, which appears in the image on the right. It is a new winery in Rueda presents the wine like something waiting to come alive in the glass.

If we go to France we have the Armand de Brigniac winery, which produces some of the best rated Champagnes in the world. And they enhance the feeling by presenting them as aces.

Armand de Brigniac

Another type of design is “Julian Madrid Reserva 2005”, That Rioja wine has a very personal image. So personal, that the grape on the label is, in fact, the fingerprint of the self Julian Madrid:

Julián Madrid Reserva

The last is the 2007 Petite Syrah Dessert Wine, from Francis Ford Coppola’s wineries, owned by film director. It’s a dessert wine, with 17.5 degrees, and where the letters fall apart.

Coppola Wines

What do you think of the labels? Do you think they can help to sell the wine better? is it just marketing? What is your favorite label?

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