Wine without grapes? Yes, at “El Celler de Can Roca” they can do it


It has just been reappointed as the world’s best restaurant, and there must be a reason. At “El Celler de Can Roca” (Girona), the Roca brothers devise, research and reinvent a multitude of tastes to offer everyday something new.

Among these culinary research they say have created a wine without grapes. So, at “El Celler” everything is possible and, therefore, they have announced this ambitious project which, as always, leaves no one indifferent.

It was introduced in London and on this project, we find “Espíritu Roca”, an innovation based on distilling and fermenting different products to extract its aromas and flavours and make “wine”. That is, we will soon have no grape wine, but figs, rice

One of the direct architects of this initiative is Josep Roca, the sommelier of the Rocas, who remarked that it is a concept aimed to introduce these drinks in the kitchen. Thus, according to them, you can make wine from everything except grape. For this, they have been working for the last six months, in order to revolutionize gastronomy once more.

Although it has not yet seen the light, this project will be introduced soon since they are now talking about it openly. In addition, the Rocas commented that among his most innovative projects there is to expand their own research laboratory, “La Masia”, in order to become a space to experiment with senses.

At the restaurant they go further and are planning to travel to capture the culinary influences from other worlds, such as Argentina and Turkey. In addition, the owners of the restaurant will publish a book, along with basketball players Pau and Marc Gasol, to encourage healthy eating habits.

For now we’ll continue recommending wines made from grapes… In the future, we’ll see 😉

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Viña Ardanza Reserva 2005: a red wine from the Rioja DO which blend contains tempranillo and garnacha of 2005 and presents an alcohol content of 13.5º.


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Remelluri Reserva 2008:  a red wine of the Rioja DO made with tempranillo and graciano of 2008 and has an alcohol content of 13.5º. 



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