Wine to improve memory


According to a study published in the magazine Journal of Neuroscience, resveratrol has been shown to improve memory. This compound is present in the skin of red grapes and is able to improve short-term memory.

This study, performed by researchers from University Charité of Berlin, was focused on the effects of resveratrol in overweight people. Several test were performed before and after the study: memory tests, a blood sample and a brain scan.

23 volunteers received 200 milligrams of resveratrol daily while another group of 23 volunteers received a placebo. At the end of the study was proven that those who consumed resveratrol had better short-term memory than those who consumed the placebo.

?The study is the first to show a relationship between the red wine compound and cognition in overweight adults?, said researcher Veronica Witte.

As for the blood tests, they showed low levels of a marker of blood sugar in people taking resveratrol, indicating that sugar metabolism may be related to brain connectivity and memory.

A study of the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, said the health benefits of resveratrol are a myth. In this study a group of 783 elderly Italians were monitored over the course of 16 years, and the results indicated that resveratrol was not associated with inflammation reduction, cardiovascular disease, cancer, or a longer life.

However, this is the most used antioxidant by skin care companies, due to its highly proven anti-aging properties, and it is preferred by many compared to other options.

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