Wine that does not give a headache

by Marta Burgués

Some people often get a headache from drinking wine. This is due to allergic issues caused by the histamine from the fermentation of the grape.

But now everyone can drink wine because of one special wine which is made without this molecule. This wine has been produced with the research of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and the University of Valencia, that has had great repercussion because it has been published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology.

To achieve this, it is assumed that selected autochthonous bacteria naturally displace populations of histamine-producing bacteria, which can cause allergy. Thus, in the fermentation, this compound is not generated.

It seems that histamines can cause several allergic reactions, such as a drop in blood pressure, reddening of the skin and headache. Actually, this new wine is a good find, since histamine is increasingly used in winemaking and perhaps it would not be necessary, as has been demonstrated in this study.

The team involved in the study explains that the reduction of histamine levels is beneficial for the food safety of wine.

About the study

In order to produce this wine, which began to develop about 2010, two containers of identical characteristics were used. While in one the malolactic fermentation was performed with strains of non-histamine-producing lactic bacteria, in the second deposit fermentation was as it is normally done. Little by little, there has been a biological process of natural displacement of bacteria producing biogenic amines.

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