Wine: A solution to hair loss?

by sarahrichardier

The hair loss problem worries many people. Yet research on the subject has just done a nice surprise to many wine lovers. Scientists have discovered that drinking two glasses of wine a day makes hair grow.

This news had already been assumed ten years ago, while students thought they had found wine by analyzing traces of eighteenth century alchemist?s potions to grow hair.

During all these years they have worked with patients reporting significant hair loss. They administered them a particular quantity of wine. A deluxe treatment, especially if it?s free! By cons, studies show that for best results, one should not choose any wine nor any quantities.

Red wines promote the growth of a good amount of hair and of considerable thickness, especially red wines from Ribera de Duero and some Australian wines. In contrast, only a slight down for German white wines, and nothing for French white wines of Bordeaux. The cause: certain chemical components of the soil in which the vine grows. By blending these elements with vine, a chemical reaction starts and promotes significant irrigation in the region.

The problem: To be able to grow hair, bottles must have spent many years in the cellar and be in good condition. So if we want to have a lot of hair, we have to invest. Also, drink only two glasses a day, the first on an empty stomach and the other after eating salty foods.

We expect the final list of wines that grow hair. But we can say without too much risk that Spanish wines will be in it! Good reasons for not “pulling out hair!”

Need 2 wines for baldness? Here they are:

 TAGS:Westend Pokerface Cabernet / Merlot 2011Westend Pokerface Cabernet / Merlot 2011

Westend Pokerface Cabernet / Merlot 2011

 TAGS:Château Romassan Château Romassan “rouge Reserve” Domaines Ott 2009

Château Romassan “rouge Reserve” Domaines Ott 2009

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