Two Glasses of Wine a Day Can Reduce Cardiovascular Disease and Alzheimer’s

by Karoline Arberg
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We already know about the multiple health benefits that we enjoy when drinking wine. Many studies have shown that the consumption of wine offers beneficial effects to the body.

Therefore, Corporación Vinoloa is giving us a reminder by listing the health benefits of wine.

– It can prevent cardiovascular diseases. The premise here is that the daily consumption of wine is 150 ml. The antioxidants contained in the wine increase the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol or HDL and this prevents the formation of clots.

– It promotes healthy gums. Your mouth can enjoy some incredible benefits from drinking wine. It is good for gum treatment and for cleansing the palate. The composition of the fermented grapes prevents the appearance of streptococci and bacteria related to caries. It is also very effective against gingivitis and sore throats.

– It reduces the risk of dementia. New studies confirm that drinking two glasses of wine a day decreases inflammation and brain toxins, even those that are associated with Alzheimer’s.

– It gives you a greater sense of happiness. It has been shown that the intake of wine also has mental benefits. When you enjoy a glass of wine endorphins are released, relaxation increases, and we feel happier as a result.

– It helps you stay in shape. You may not know that wine can be the perfect ally to maintain that beach body. Red wine is composed of a gene that prevents the formation of fat cells and allows stimulating the existing ones to purify them and eliminate them.

– Vinotherapy for the skin. We are discovering more and more benefits of wine to the skin. It is good for deep hydration, it can increase elasticity and promote a better complexion, and it fights off free radicals.

-It improves the peripheral circulation of the dermis. It has been shown that wine can relieve tired legs and reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

 TAGS:Azores Wine Company Isabella a Proibida 2016

Azores Wine Company Isabella a Proibida 2016

This red wine from Azores shows an alcoholic strength of 12%.

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Montaria Premium 2016

The Portugues red wine Montaria Premium 2016 is elaborated by Parras Wines.

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