Wine improves pig heart

by Marta

I’m still amazed at one of the latest studies to which I have had access. The scientific community has that innate ability for surprising us almost every week, but the research which has concluded that wine improves pig heart deserves at least this post…

Let’s point out: all the data provided by this study, conducted by the illustrious Frank Sellke (chief of cardiothoracic surgery at the Hospital of Rhode Island) materializes these benefits do not come from the intake of any type of wine, but red wine. Thanks God they have not gone into detail about wineries, brands, etc … because I really prefer not to even imagine (would they have decanted it before serving it?).

The oddest thing about this experiment is that concludes that for these lucky pigs was more beneficial drinking red wine than vodka. Even though this last one also helps to prevent certain types of cardiovascular disease it does not provide as many benefits as red wine does.

It must be said that pigs selected for investigation suffered from cholesterol … so, given that pigs are omnivores and knowing the experiment have been carried out for a cure, I’m beginning to think that the condition that they were fighting against may have been caused by food because these animals probably enjoyed dinners based on pizza and bakery products, hamburgers, ice cream, chips and other fast food delights.

What is true is that pig is the animal closest to humans (at least concerning the insides) so I think that if red wine has been found so beneficial to them, then it must be even better for people. For a good cure we should gather a selection of good aged wines. We can choose different denominations of origin and start writing down rankings to see how we feel while drinking them. This really is a good experiment.

And since the study spoke of cholesterol, nothing beats accompany that glass of wine as healthy with a plate of Iberian ham, which raises the good cholesterol, one step closer to happiness and iron health; what else could you wish for? We’ve prepared a tribute to our closest friend, will you join us?

 TAGS:Gran Cerdo 2010Gran Cerdo 2010

Gran Cerdo 2010, the cellar owners dedicated this wine to the bankers, as they did’nt want to let money to produce this wine (gran cerdo=big pig)

 TAGS:Jamon Ibérico de Cebo Señorío de OlivenzaJamon Ibérico de Cebo Señorío de Olivenza

Jamon Ibérico de Cebo Señorío de Olivenza, one of the greatest jewels produced by the pigs

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