Wine fraud: half of Château Lafite sold in China is fake

by Marta Burgués

The problem of counterfeit wine has worsened in China: recently a high-ranking government official warned of the falsity of Château Lafite sold in China. The problem is important because China is one of the most important emerging markets in the wine industry.

There are chances that this fake wine is produced in boats anchored in international waters, a fact to which Xinshi Li, president of the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine responded: ?False setting-ups in boats for counterfeit wines are the most striking aspect of this situation?.

It is believed that they not only could be faking Château Lafite but many other high quality wines in these vessels, with lower quality to increase profits.

Since last year, government officials have warned about the rise of counterfeiting, but Château Lafite is the most counterfeited wine in China.

One of the measures taken by the government is the launch of ?Protection of Origin of the Product? to label the authentic wines and thereby guarantee their quality and origin on the market.

These labels have visible and invisible codes and a quick response code for consumers and customs officers, so they can check the origin of the bottles when tracking them.

The Bordeaux wine producers who want to place this label in their wines should be certified by the government of China.

The importance of exports from Bordeaux to China reaches 20% of its production, one of the largest Bordeaux markets worldwide.

These measure seems to counter the fraud that has been taking place with Bordeaux wine, but only time will tell if it’s a really effective solution that will stop the situation.

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