Wine Designs

by Alberto Martínez

Vi novell

From time to time we like to show you the design novelties and issues related to wine. Today we’ll show you some of the “trendy” models of bottles and packaging of wine in general:

Celler the Masroig designs a new label for Vi novell 2010, their young red wine. The new design is based on computer graphics which has great success on the Internet.
A few weeks ago, at Fenavin, we talked with the winery Lamarca Wines, maker of wines such as Cojón de Gato Gewürztraminer 2010 (“Cat balls”). They showed us the new wines they have prepared, a white wine, a rosé and a red wine presented in an aluminum bottle.


Although we have no pictures of these wines, here we present some very similar bottles to those we saw from the Sasman winery, California, so you can have an idea of the result. The objectives are wines that will stand temperature changes better and, after cooling, will preserve longer the ideal temperature. What do you think?

We have already shown you wines in carton bottles and Tetra Pak. But as the packaging gets upgraded and wines that are packed into these types of new packaging they also renew their images.

Brick wines

In this case it is as the French Rabbit wine, bottled in containers that we would normally associate with juices.
What do you think? Would you buy one of these wines? Do you think they will succeed? Would you like to see wine in a different type of packaging?…

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