Wine bottles that worth a year’s salary

by unshel

In early September, an auction was held in Hong Kong with just over 2,000 antique bottles of Burgundy wines, belonging to the renowned Maison Bouchard Pere et Fils. Among these bottles, there were two in particular that attracted much attention since they were sold at really exorbitant prices.

The first one was a Meursault Charmes 1846 white, one of the 16 bottles of the nineteenth century auctioned, which was sold in Hong Kong for 134.750 dollars, and its estimated value exceeding HK $ 80,000. The buyer, for substantial reasons, was kept anonymous after winning the intense bidding that took place at the headquarters of Christie’s. The wine is considered the oldest in the collection of Bouchard, a wine described as “a pale golden color.”

The second bottle that caused much fuss in this auction was one of Montrachet 1865, also a nineteenth-century wine, which sold at HK $ 196,000, more than three times its estimated value of HK $ 60,000.

Tim Tiptree, the director of Christie’s wine, declared how delighted he was with the results achieved in the auction. “Being so few old Burgundies, the great results that this auction has shown reflect the fact that they continue to be sought after by collectors in this area”, Tiptree said.

On the other hand, Gilles de Larouziére, president of Henriot group, who are the owners of the Maison Bouchard, confirmed that the auction was held in this city in southern China due to the excellent and great enthusiasm shown for French wines.

La Maison Bouchard P&F was acquired by the Henriot family 21 years ago. It was founded in 1731 and has one of the largest collections of old bottles of wine, exceeding 150 thousand bottles.

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