Wine blind tastings: what for?

by Marta

I’ve been online for a while and I ‘m realizing how many articles out there explain why blind tastings are cool. I do not know how much prose on a subject that is so clear (LOL, could not help sticking a little joke). Well, I certainly do not know what do you think about it but I find it difficult to decide whether I prefer it in the dark or with the eyes wide open (well, let’s return to the subject of wine).

Wine blind tastings are the same as…

The blind tastings are so poetic, sensory and useful as:

  • Studying in a library with earplugs: yes there you concentrate, and not listening to people talk, the TV of the neighbors, etc.. The study goes further and optimize the time spent, and the results.
  • Go to one of this modern restaurants where they propose you taste your menu in complete darkness: that if you forget the price, of course, have other added benefits many, many of which are related with enjoying the experience in good company so together you make the evening memorable and sensational (do not know what’s wrong today with the obvious jokes).
  • Listen to this piece of classical music that you like at full volume in the solitude of your nap with the blind down: this sensory journey makes you feel like if you have Mozart beside you and you start to understand people like Louis XVI always followed by a chamber orchestra. At the same time music gladly brings you a welfare state of torpor which leads you to the best of dreams.

Moreover, although this intimate connection with tannins that reach in blind tastings cannot be repeated in an average wine tasting, the one of both in which you can see the glass and the wine is the one I like best.

Just because I enjoy discovering the reflexes that shows me the precious liquid while I twist the glass, just because I like the atmosphere, I enjoy watching the expectation of those who will taste, the pride of who will pour and the wine while it slides into the glass.

It may also be because sometimes blind events are a little dangerous …  Several unforgettable experiences come to mind like harmful blind dates, and I think that could be fatal to confuse a wine by another: a white wine or red wine, a young wine with a reserva, my glass to yours (upsssss). And besides, I find it quite impractical because in the absence of light how can you read the name of the wine that you like to come to the internet to buy …

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