Wine and tea, a recipe for a longer life

by Marta Burgués

Wine and tea consumption can prolong your life according to recent statements by Czech scientists, based on a study.

The study performed and subsequently presented at the European Society of Cardiology, during a Congress held in Barcelona indicates that both white and red wines work protectively against heart disease for those who exercise frequently.

The study consisted of monitoring for 1 year 146 people with a slight risk of heart disease: half of the people used to drink red wine and half white wine.

During this year of study, men were allowed to drink 300 ml wine and women 200ml up to 5 times a week.

Among these people subjected to study, there were no major changes in good cholesterol, but favorable changes among those who not only drank wine but also practiced exercise.

Apparently, merging exercise and wine strengthens the heart and prolongs life. Professor Taborsky (cardiologist from Palacký University, Czech Republic) said: ?Our study shows that the combination of moderate consumption of red or white wine and regular exercise improves markers of atherosclerosis, suggesting that this combination has a protective effect against cardiovascular disease?.

Another study presented alternately in the same conference showed that death rates from non-cardiac causes were 24% less among frequent tea drinkers than among non-regular tea drinkers.

Professor Nicholas Danchin from Georges Pompidou European Hospital, said: ?Tea has antioxidants that may provide survival benefits. Tea drinkers also have healthier life styles; if consumption of tea reflects a particular person profile or is tea, per se, improving the results, it remains for me an open question?.

?In answer to that question, I honestly recommend drinking tea instead of coffee ? and even more to not drink anything at all?.

With these results, the solutions to enhance lifestyle and health of our hearts are more relevant than ever and we can definitely get ourselves a longest and healthiest life by drinking tea and wine regularly.

Today we recommend two red wines with which, if you drink in moderation and practice exercise, we can not ensure you a longest life, but sure it will be mores pleasant:

 TAGS:Faustino I Gran Reserva 2001Faustino I Gran Reserva 2001

Faustino I Gran Reserva 2001

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Pago Florentino 2009

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