Wine and female sexual desire

by Alberto Martínez

One myth that ended being.

There has been a lot of talking and speculation about the consumption of wine and women’s sexual desires. Today we can strongly assure that moderate consumption of red wine markedly increases female sexual desire, although it was known that the consumption of wine and other liquors increase blood flow in humans, the properties of wine make it a more powerful aphrodisiac than any other beverage.

A recent study by the University of Florence in Italy carried out some tests with 798 women, with ages ranging between 18 and 50 (Italian Chanti region of Tuscany). These women were divided in 3 groups:

  • those who did not drink wine at all, not even a drop of wine
  • those who had at least one drink a day
  • and those who had one to two drinks per day

With this test’s the results were that the women of the third group, those who drank one to two glasses of wine a day, the response to sexual desires were higher than in the other two groups. Although older women tend to have lower libido, wine also helped them to increase sexual desire. These important studies were published in the prestigious Journal of Sexual Medicine (Journal of Sexual Medicine.)

To reach these surprising results, the 798 women had a quiz of 19 questions; all of them were obviously of a sexual nature and basically female sex ratio.

As said, the spirits increase blood flow but wine does it in key areas of women, that’s the reason for its “aphrodisiac” power in females. These results have surprised everybody, and although the group of women tested was small, it is clear that wine has gained a new power from those we knew.

Another detail worth mentioning is the type of wine used in this test. Red wine was used and we speculate that it must be due to being one of the most concentrated of almost all varieties. Although it is not excluded that the same or similar effect can be caused by other kinds of wine.

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