Will we still have Miraval Rosé after the divorce of ‘Brangelina’?

by unshel

On September 19th the world of showbiz was surprised by the announcement of the separation of the famous Hollywood couple: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. After 12 years of relationship, the duo ‘Brangelina’ are hogging the headlines of entertainment with the divorce petition filed by the protagonist of Tomb Raider.

Many questions still remain unresolved: the reason for their breakup, who will have custody of their 6 children, or how to share their vast fortune. Valued at more than $ 400 million, this fortune is among others made up of multiple properties in the Château Miraval, a French winery responsible for one of the best rosés today: Miraval Rosé.

For many, the fame of this wine is associated with the brand ‘Brangelina’. It is obvious that this is a publicity gimmick of highly effective; not surprisingly, it took only five hours to sell 6,000 bottles produced in 2012. However, Miraval Rosé is much more than a wine that benefits from the reputation of the owners of the winery. It has developed in collaboration with the winemaker Marc Perrin, the first rose wine to figure among the annual selection of the “100 best wines of the year” according to Wine Spectator.

Doubts about the future of this prestigious winery and its wines were even prior to the announcement of separation of the two main characters of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. There are rumors since last August that the Château Miraval will be put up for sale, threatening the future of the vineyards of Syrah, Mourvedre, and Cabernet hosting this property; as well as great wines that give life, including Miraval Rosé.

Uncertainty about the future of Château Miraval has increased after the news of divorce ‘Brangelina’; keeping rosé wine lovers on tenterhooks. We hope that the Miraval Rosé will not be affected by the separation of the couple, so we can continue to enjoy it in the future.

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Miraval Rosé 2015

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Miraval Rosé Double Magnum 2015

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