Will synthetic alcohol replace natural alcohol?

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It is more than likely that you all have repented of a night because of the unpleasant consequence we suffer the next day. The hangover, headaches, nausea and dizziness make us detest those too many drinks we have while enjoying a good time with our friends. A scene that most likely will be repeated after a week or a month, even after the promise never to drink like that again.  And we always wonder: How long do we have to suffer from hangovers?

The prayers of all those who have suffered from this unpleasant experience have been heard. A group of researchers from Imperial College of London, have developed the synthetic alcohol. This is a series of chemical compounds called alcosynth capable of producing the relaxing effects and accompanying disinhibitors drunkenness; all without the negative effects of this on health, including the hangover the next day.

Professor David Nutt, head of the research in question, says that about 90 synthetic alcohol components are patented. It is not harmful to health, able to recreate the positive effects of alcohol in the brain, without losing the flavor and taste of our favorite cocktail drugs. All this is possible thanks to a comprehensive study on the chemical reactions of different drinks on humans.

With growing awareness of healthy lifestyles, replacement of natural alcohol by synthetic seems an excellent idea. In fact, David Nutt says that in 2050 there will be no alcohol industry as we know it today. But replaced by synthetic alcohol. However, all this depends on if these substances are adopted internationally. And one has to assess not only the health issues but also the economic consequences of replacing a billion dollar industry like the production of alcoholic beverages.

Therefore, the question remains: will synthetic alcohol replace natural alcohol? It seems that we still have to wait many years to know the answer to this mystery.

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