Why does the wine taste better with cheese?

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For a long time we have known that cheese and wine are an inseparable pair. Experts in the gastronomic sector often make recommendations of certain combinations that bring a new dimension to our gastronomic experience. In fact, there is an extensive literature in which you can learn about pairings between each type of cheese and wine.

But why does wine with cheese taste better? That has been asked the Center for Taste and Eating Habits of France, they have conducted a study in order to respond to how the perception and taste of wine change after eating some cheese. The result was recently published in the Journal of Food Science.

Mara V. Galmarini, the lead author of the study in question, revealed that “thanks to our research we have learned that the duration of the perception of the astringency of a particular wine could be reduced after cheese consumption and that the four kinds of cheese evaluated had the same result. In short, having a varied cheese platter, the wine probably tastes better, no matter which one is chosen.

Participants in this study – a total of 31 volunteers – underwent two tests. First, they tasted four wines (Pacherenc, Sancerre, Bourgogne and Madiran), of which they had to indicate the dominant sensation perceived in each of them, according to a list that was provided to them. Then the tasting was repeated with a slight modification: now they had to eat a piece of cheese between each sip of wine. For this second test, samples of the Epoisses, Condado, Roquefort and Crottin de Chavignol cheeses were made available to the volunteers.

Throughout the tasting, it was demonstrated the positive impact of cheeses on the perception of wines. This effect was especially noticeable in the red wines included in the sample (Bourgogne and Madiran), to which the four kinds of cheese present enhanced their fruity aroma while reducing their astringency. The same positive impact on the perception of wines occurred with their white peers, both in the sweet and dry samples; Although to a lesser extent.

So you know: science has already proven that the best companion for a good wine is a delicious platter of cheese.

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