Why does beer make you urinate more?

by unshel


When we drink beer, we usually notice that the restroom is visited more frequently, as we have the desire to go much more than we usually do. This is caused by various reasons.

One of the main reasons is its important diuretic effect. The beer increases the amount of urine produced in the kidneys and thereby also increases the amount of water removed. Therefore we urge to urinate much sooner than if we drink water or other beverages.

Another reason is because of the ingredients involved in the process of brewing. Specifically, we refer to hops, the beer component that is responsible for the diuretic effect. Hops is used to counteract the sweet malt flavor and gives the bitter taste which is so characteristic of beer. This ingredient has a significant diuretic effect, and will provoke more frequent urination.

While it is true that this diuretic effect is not exclusively for beer, since there are other alcoholic beverages which increase urine production in the body. Alcohol itself is a diuretic that stimulates the bladder. Alcohol suppresses pituitary hormone responsible for inhibiting the diuretic effect in the glands.

All this actually boils down to the fact that the consumption of beer alone will dehydrate you, because by increasing urine output, the body eliminates more liquid than usual. Consumption of alcohol in moderation is always recommended. That’s because the body expels more fluid than it is getting. One solution is to rehydrate by drinking sips of water while you enjoy your beer. It complements both drinks. And maybe combine them with some tapas, or other delicious food.

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