Why blind tasting

by lucasblanes


I’ve been on the Internet a while and I ‘m realizing how many articles one can find explaining why blind tastings are so great. I myself find it hard to decide whether I prefer the blind or the with eyes open options. Let’s go back to the wine

The blind tastings are as poetic, sensory and useful as:   

  • Studying in a library with earplugs: yes there you concentrate, and you are not listening to people talk, television of the neighbors, etc… The study goes further and the time is optimized, just as the results. You will review and get a ten (or at least approve) .   
  • Go to a these modern restaurant who propose to taste the menu also blind: that if you forget the price, of course , have many other added benefits, many of them related to the experience with diners worthwhile and make it the evening unforgettable and sensational (do not know what’s wrong with my jokes today).  
  • Play that piece of classical music that you like in the solitude of your room and the blind down: this sensory journey makes you look like you ‘ve got Mozart playing just for you, you feel Luis XVI at least and also let you lead a happy stupor and wellness that leads you to the best of dreams.

Moreover, although this intimate connection with tannins that you reach in blind tastings can not be repeated in a normal tasting, the kind so common during which you can even see the glass and wine, it seems to me that I like it best.

Just because I enjoy discovering  the precious liquid when I remove the glass, just because I like the atmosphere, see the expectation of those who will test it, whatch the wine and falling into the cup.

It may also be because sometimes things are a little dangerous blind … Come to mind harmful blind dates, and I think that could be fatal to confuse the Hacienda Monasterio 2009 to André Clouet Grande Réserve, white wines for the Rioja red wines, a young wine with a reserva, etc etc.

And besides, I find it impractical because in the absence of light how can you read the name of the wine that you liked more to come to the internet and buy it …

If you ‘re looking to buy wine and do not want to stay blind , we recommend:

 TAGS:Faustino I Tinto Gran Reserva 2001Faustino I Tinto Gran Reserva 2001

Faustino I Tinto Gran Reserva 2001



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Juan Gil 12 Meses 2011

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