Whisky Glossary (II)

by sarahrichardier

In this second part of the Whisky Glossary we will continue with a brief explanation of some terms that are related to this spectacular drink:


New Make Spirit: Spirit just off the still, ready to be diluted to Cask Strensht for Ageing.

Nose: The smell of a whisky.


Peated Malt: Malt whisky with the smoky smell that comes from treating barley with Peat.

Pot Still: Stills used for batch distillation. The liquid is distilled usually twice, occasionally three times, first in a Wash still and then in a Spirit still.


Reflux: Vapour high in alcohol that returns to the still for further distillation.


Safe mind: Large container padlocked, with glass walls. Allows the distiller to observe the spirit leaving the still, without coming into direct contact with the spirit itself.

Saladin Box: Vessel in which barley germinates while being mechanically turned.

St. Patrick: Monk that introduced the art of distillation to Ireland in 432 AD. He is celebrated by all the Irish on March 17 of each year.


Vatting: The blending of malt or grain whiskies from different distilleries.

Vinasse: The residue in the bottom of the fermentation, alcohol.


Wash Still: In Pot Still distillation, the first still. The products of this still go to the Spirit Still.

Waste: Residues remaining after fermentation. Used for animal feed.

Do you want to share your knowledge? If you want to organize a wine tasting and teach your friends what you have learned, here are two whiskies that you should not miss:

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The Famous Grouse 1L

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