Whisky aromas and flavours


Whisky is one of the leading spirits of the whole story. It continues acquiring great relevance worldwide and is intended for gourmets who appreciate its colour and flavour.

In a whiskey tasting, similar to a wine tasting, we must watch the look, the golden colour, which is darker as it’s aged, or depending on the destillery. Must always be placed in a glass not too high on a white background to better appreciate the brilliance.

Another aspect is the aroma. It is often the type of mixing whiskey with a few drops of water to better appreciate the smell. It is always best to compare 5 or 6 differents, this way we’ll see different aromas and we’ll learn a little bit more.

Among its aromas, high quality remind us fruit and timber, very gently, but there are stronger ones that are combined with herbs that are added to the malt to boost both aroma and flavour.

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Among the flavours, there’s enormous complexity depending on the strong degree of alcohol. And, unlike wine, take a sip (never throw it!) to rest in the mouth for several seconds. We can swallow and come back with another drink to appreciate more nuanced and leave it on the tongue. Wonderful!

Fresh, intense, soft, sweet, strong … the taste is different where whisky emphasize the soft vanilla, smoked fish, fruit like apples or oranges, nuts such as walnuts, caramel, wood and toasted oak from the malt.

As we see, a great assortment always high personality.

Our recommendations today are:


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A great whisky from Japan, it’s noticeable its aromas from oak and vanilla.

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One of our favourites whiskies. Lagavulin has such differents aroma and taste, so you have to try it.

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