Which is the perfect aging for a whisky?

by Marta

What is the perfect age for a whisky? That’s what I wonder. So I decided to do a little research and ask the experts around me. My neighbor, my father, my sister’s father in law and my Scottish friend. What a team! Though, they were really into it once I shared the plan with them.

The first is to prepare the samples. We must make empirical verification because otherwise it is going to be impossible. So we go to the local pub and began negotiating with the waiter. Clearly, we must ask for a discount, the occasion demands it, so the good man yields to our pleas.

Then carved crystal glasses with our requests started to appear on the table. Highland Park was the first: 12 years, 18 years, 25 years and 30 years. My conclusion is that I could terminate the experiment. I should have eaten a little more for dinner and now I regret it, but my scientific vocation forces me to keep drinking. It’s time for the Macallan. I’ll stick with the 12 years and leave the rest for the tasting for experts.

It must be said that when even the most trained livers began to drift came the Glenmorangie. 10 years, 25 and 18. We have lost half of the pens, there’s no one taking notes and, despite our efforts, we cannot find any single conclusion suitable for publication in this post.

We could not taste the Edradour 10 years and neither the Ardbeg 10 years. We also wanted to have the chance to taste a Glenmorangie 18 years, Margaux Wood Finish, but its price, which exceeds 300 Euros a bottle makes it only available for happy wallets (and that’s not the case).

The day after the experiment (at the evening), I took a look on our tasting notes. We talked about the angels share, the price of bottles of different brands … And my conclusion is that if you have the chance, it’s worth tasting a very aged whisky: 25 or 30 years if possible. But not for a crazy tasting in the local pub, but for a drink at home and in good company. For a celebration or for an end to a nice dinner, I recommend the 12 years that have achieved quality and which price is much more affordable than the others.

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