Which is healthier: beer or wine?

by Luis Bobadilla

Have you ever you wondered about what’s the best drink for your health? Taking into account that you enjoy both beer and wine, clear all your doubts thanks to the curiosity and persistence of researchers.

Mack Mitchell, a member of the Texas Southwestern University Medical Center has carried out a study, which ABC has released recently. For this study, Mitchell asked a group of 15 men who take certain drinks on different days. Mitchell assured that alcohol content was proportional to body weight of each of the participants and make them drink at the same pace for 20 minutes. The results revealed some interesting facts that will definitely clear doubts that we have all had at some point.

  1. Wine enters the system faster: As per the study, Mitchell found that spirits entered the bloodstream faster. It took 54 minutes for wine to enter whereas the beer took 62 minutes after finishing drinking.
  2. Weight gain: Scientists conducting the research reviewed several studies on alcohol intake and weight gain and concluded that when consumed moderately weight difference appears to be minimal. However, the longest period they reviewed and evaluated at the time was only 10 weeks meaning that the data is not sufficient.
  3. Hangover: Researchers have not reached any conclusion regarding the hangover. Apparently, congeners, charged organic molecules that give each drink its unique taste and aroma, are responsible for the famous hangover effect which causes headaches and nausea and mostly appears the next day after drinking. Currently it is believed that dark beverages have more concentration of these molecules, but no more specific data has been concluded so far.
  4. The king of health: Large amounts of polyphenols are found in red wine which have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, while beer contains minor amounts of polyphenols and more similar to those of white wine. Both options are healthy if consumed moderately, although red wine, having more polyphenols, may bring more benefits. You can also check out our infographic about 9 benefits of wine for your health.

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