Which are the strangest cocktails of the world?

by unshel

Like everything in life, there are a variety of cocktails around the world that are very strange and uncommon, they are peculiar or simply somewhat disgusting. Here we share the 7 most strange cocktails of the world. Would you dare to try?

7. Coquetier

Served in bars in Germany, this drink consists of rum, chocolate, and cinnamon, very normal right? Well, the cup used is nothing more and nothing less than an empty eggshell.

6. Beer and Milk

So, as such, this cocktail is made with half unit of beer and half a unit of milk and nothing else. The particularity of this drink is increasingly gaining ground among younger.

5. Smoker’s Cough

This drink is very, very special and probably unimaginable to some, it is a combination of equal parts Jägermeister and mayonnaise, definitely two very strong products and that many find disgusting combined.

4. Eggmeister

And, following a schnapps, we have this other drink, maybe a little less disgusting than the previous one, which consists of a shot of liquor which has a boiled egg placed in the middle, for eating immediately after.

3. Wakey, wakey, Mary, Eggs and Bacey

A drink that can cause severe stomach pains, although it says is very good to counteract the strongest hangovers. It consists of bacon, quail eggs, melted cheese, tomato, celery, chutney and Irish beer. Undoubtedly, as such a delicacy served in Reno, United States.

2. Wine Mice

And you can imagine that this wine is. Very popular in Asia, it is fermented wine that is placed in containers with small dead mice for the fermantation process to finish off with a delicious taste.

1. Cocktail – Sourtoe

It is by far, the strangest and most macabre cocktail of the whole list, and may even offend the sensibilities of some readers. This is a drink that is served in a hotel in Yukon, Canada, made from champagne or, where appropriate, any liquor to which a toe of a human foot is added. The legend of this cocktail dates back to 1973. In the Canadian town of Dawson City a man found a severed finger that had frozen fifty years earlier. And after such a finding, it seemed only natural to include it as a part of your cocktail.

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