Which are better, the Priorat’s wines or the Montsant’s wines?

by unshel

If we talk of Catalan wines, there is no doubt that renowned names as Priorat and Montsant come to mind, both of which have been booming over the recent years. The location for production of these two can easily be confused, as geographically the areas of growth overlap each other. One winery can produce Priorat, and the neighboring one might grow Montsant.

As for the Priorat, it is the only Catalan wine recognized with the highest quality. Even though Montsant does not yet have this distinction, this does not mean in the slightest that it is of secondary quality. On the contrary, both regions produce high-quality wines.

While it is true that Priorat wines tend to be better valued economically, this is more due to the particular organization of the wineries in the different regions, and due to the fact that Priorat has focused on author wines. Moreover, there is a tradition of cooperatives which makes the production system very different from the Montsant system.

There are also differences in agricultural land and weather: in Priorat, slate soil predominates, and this gives the wines a particular organoleptic quality. Also, rainfall is scarce. In the Montsant there is a combination of clay and limestone soils. In addition, rainfall is more generous, resulting in increased quantity in the production of grapevines.

Consequently, while the wines of Priorat consists of aromas and very particular flavors, reminiscent of the predominant minerals in the ground and with a high ranking, the Montsant are fresher and fruity.

So we are faced with two very close wine regions, but with very different characteristics. A question such as “What is better?” Would likely remain unanswered because it always depends on the subjective taste of each one of us.

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Scala Dei Negre Jove 2015

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Flor del Montsant

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