What will be the future of La Rioja?

by Marta Burgués

Without doubt, the Rioja Designation of Origin is one of the best known of the country and its exports are unstoppable all over the world. In fact, we can find bottles of this DO in the best restaurants in London and New York, being already something with made in Spain quality.

This has been thanks to years of effort and dedication of the agents engaged in this sector, but they may now have some disagreements and the future of this designation not be entirely clear.

One of the fact that marked these disagreements is that the well known winery Artadi no longer belongs to the DO, and others are considering it. That’s because it is an appellation that encompasses many (perhaps too many) wines from different origins and prices, and that’s what’s not like some wineries of the designation, among other issues.

The same winery that no longer belongs to this DO, Artadi, explains that its project does not fit with the future of an appellation of origin which seeks only selling. Rather, at Artadi they want to promote something more familiar, that is, do something with care, small but differentiated.

Perhaps the Designation of Origin Rioja looks for other things and goes beyond. If they want to sell and talk numbers, they have it easy, since in 2014 they sold 384 million bottles, 106 million of them abroad. But many wineries want this differentiation that the DO doesn’t give, currently highly valued by consumers. So they are analysing where La Rioja is going with its wines, in which converge wineries competing in added value and in volume.

Meanwhile, the Regulatory Council sees it very clearly, as it defends the strength of the brand. They say it is a unique designation, “without surnames”. Some believe that there are also political reasons, but the protagonists reiterate that it has nothing to do. We’ll wait to see what happens in the near future.

 TAGS:Viña El Pisón 2008Viña El Pisón 2008

Viña El Pisón 2008: wine red with DO Rioja which blend contains tempranillo of 2008 and with 14º of alcohol content. 

 TAGS:Viñas de Gaín 2013Viñas de Gaín 2013

Viñas de Gaín 2013: a wine red with DO Rioja which blend contains tempranillo of 2013 and has an alcohol content of 14.5º.

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