What type of alcoholic beverages is suitable for coeliacs?

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The number of celiacs is increasing. The information on this disease and food and drink they can eat and drink is also increasing. It is no longer a difficult task trying to figure out which products contain gluten. According to the Federation of Associations of Celiacs of Spain, FACE, celiac disease (CD) is the permanent intolerance to gluten in wheat, barley, rye, and oats. It is believed that one can be genetically predisposed for the intolerance. It is characterized by an inflammatory reaction, immune-based, in the small intestinal mucous that hinders the absorption of macro- and micronutrients.

Many celiacs wonder if they can drink alcohol, and the truth is yes, but not all types. Firstly, it is important to note that beer is made from barley, therefore it can not be included in a celiac diet, as well as certain types of whisky.

Some beers can be consumed by celiac patients because they are made from rice or buckwheat. And, also, on certain occasions, both barley and wheat can be part of the production of whisky.

People who suffer this disease can drink many other spirits, such as vodka, tequila, rum and gin, even though the ingredients contain gluten, because it is lost in the distillation process. In all cases, one better make sure before consumption, look at the labels and ask your doctor or nutritionist if you are not completely sure.

Wine is also among the alcoholic beverages you can drink as a celiac. None are made with ingredients containing gluten, and wine also offers many benefits for the body. But on rare occasions when the wine is stored in a container which also has previously stored products containing gluten, cross-contamination can occur.

One can also drink cider as a celiac patient, for it is an alcoholic beverage produced by  the fermentation of apples, and these are gluten free.

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