What is a wine tasting?


A wine tasting is done in order to know what are the smells, tastes and colors of wine to catalog it and to conclude their properties, both visual and taste. It is performed by professionals or oenologists, but the tastings lately are aimed at wine lovers, amateurs and people who want to know more about wine culture.

Normally, in the tasting five different wines are tried, to appreciate diversity of shades, colors, flavors, spices and more to give tasting notes and scores to each wine. The tastings are usually made in bright locations, without odors and good temperature conditions, in addition to special transparent glasses.


The stages through which you pass in a wine tasting are basically three: Visual, olfactory and gustatory. It usually begins with theoretical explanations about wines, by the oenologist or professional who imparts the tasting, to pass then to the practical part. At each stage, an explanation of its various properties is given and you can even taste the wines with various foods to measure the power of taste.

Visual stage. Usually done to see the liquid of wine, its shade and color back-lit, always with a white or daylight background. It speaks a lot about the quality and age of the wine.

Olfactory stage. Bring the glass to your nose to appreciate the different aromas which gives the wine. First we notice primary aromas and then we can move the glass to smell the secondary aromas. And if you shake it more, you can notice the tertiary aromas, which often correspond to higher quality wines.

Gustatory stage. It is perhaps the most important when tasting wine. You should retain the wine in the mouth and then spit it into a container. Then you try it again and swallow it to see what are the effects on the palate. The sensations are total, whether if you spit or you swallow the wine.


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