What Frangelico is?

by lucasblanes

The Frangelico is a delicious liquor made from wild toasted hazelnuts, which are immersed in alcohol together with vanilla berries and spices. After a while, they are separated from the liquor by the filtering process, which is then sweetened and bottled.

Frangelico is produced in Canale, Italy and has 24 % alcohol by volume and more than 300 years of history. Its history is very rich and interesting.

The Frangelico name was given by Barbero, the original manufacturer of this liquor. He wanted to honor the legend of the hermit monk named Friar Angelico. This monk was famous for the fascinating recipes of spirits he created. But at the same time, Frangelico bottle is inspired by the habits of Franciscan monks. But the name of the liquor and bottle design also matches with the painter Fra. Angelico, a Dominican monk who used to wear a white habit with a drawstring at the waist.

The frangelico is great alone, during hot summers, served with an ice cube. Sometimes, cocktails lovers include the Frangelico in mixtures and one of these is the Irish Loco, composed in equal parts by Frangelico and Irish Cream.

The Hazelnut Martini, the Frangelico Colada, and Frangelico with Cranberry juice are some of the popular cocktails made with this drink. It is so versatile that some add it to soda water or coffee to digest.



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