What curious wine names!

by Marta Burgués

Everyone gives their opinion: another way to get attention, anything goes to draw attention to a great wine, you have to maintain a point of irreverence… Do you remember some wine with a funny name?

We found all kinds of interesting, erotic and decidedly weird names. As rare as El perro verde (green dog), a wine which Angel Lorenzo Cachazo cellars elaborate with Verdejo grape in Rueda.

So, animals are a reference in matter of wine names. One case is that of Contador de Gallocanta, which years ago changed the name to Qué bonito cacareaba (How nice crowed!). And, if we continue with pets, why not try a Cojón de gato (cat’s testicle) or Teta de Vaca (cow’s tit). Of course, if we mix rare names with animals the winner would be the Elephant on a tightrope, a French wine from Vin de Pays d’Oc. Not forgetting the Casalobos (Wolves’ house) of course.

There’s another wine that refers to animals, called “Gran Cerdo” (Big Pig). But according to its creators it refers to… bankers. Even one that mixes animals and people, in the Bierzo: Mad dogs and Englishmen, which could refer to mad dogs, mad Englishmen or both, take your own decision.

We can also choose a wine with an erotic name. Within that style, in Italy we found a family winery that proudly wears his name. It’s the Follador (Fucker, in Spanish) family, which has sparkling wines such as the Follador Rosé “Vita Rosa”. An appropriate wine to take along with a Bon Vivant, probably.

In France, not everyone think that their wines are the best: in fact, there is one called Le Vin de Merde, another called Arrogant and another called Frog’s piss. Does not seem to have much esteem to them, right?

At least they are honest and clear, as Nuestro Crianza (Our Crianza) or Le Bon Vin (The good wine), although some believe that they exaggerate a bit, especially when they say that wine is De puta madre (fucking good)…

Others, however, are not much clear: the 1+1=3 Brut is an example. Because the world of wine is so contradictory: while some think that there are wines that are more than words (Més que paraules), others think that the wine speaks (Habla).

In the United States, the country of marketing par excellence, they could not stay behind. We have the Cleavage Creek, the Mad housewife or the Old Fart’s Wife. Excessive? Then we better do not talk about the Fat Bastard or the… Bitch.

And so on to infinity, Mano a mano (Hand in hand), Paso a paso (step by step), fitting the Puzzle in Venta la Ossa with a A Few Good Men, or doing the Goose, but you better tell us. Do you know a wine with funny name?

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