What are the most powerful sparkling wine brands?


Always cool and for special occasions, there are several categories of champagne and sparkling wines. Those most powerful are usually the most expensive and delicious. They are for rare occasions, though, if you can afford it, you can drink them at your leisure.

Today we will show you what are the most powerful sparkling wine brands in the world according to The Drinks Business. If you are one of those who drink sparkling wine beyond a toast at Christmas, you’ll probably know them all. But if not, and you want to give yourself a whim, try any of this sparkling wine, you will never say again ?I only drink sparkling wine for toast?…

  • Möet & Chandon. It remains one of the most powerful brands in this market. Although it has lost some sales volume in recent years, is still one of the best and offers good prices for a gourmet market.
  • Taittinger. This French brand is always among the top sales and cumulative turnover. It was the official champagne brand of the FIFA World Cup this year and this gave it additional points.
  • Nicolas Feuillatte. It is one of the most powerful beverage brands in the world. It increases sales by 13.5% compared to last year and the sales of its champagne bottles reached a record compared to other years.
  • Mumm. Meanwhile, Mumm brand is positioning, but falls compared to previous years. The brand, owned by Pernod Ricard, has been the official sponsor of Formula 1 since 2000 and has released some limited edition bottles.
  • Martini. The Sparkling Wine division of Martini brand, holds its position but slightly lower its sales. It is a powerful brand that competes with the big brands of French champagne.
  • Laurent Perrier. Compete for the same sales position with Martini, and it was able to sign this year several collaborations with associations and organizations to be their reference brand.
  • Freixenet. The Catalan Freixenet manufactures and sells cava. It maintains its position in the sales leaders list, especially because of its export level.
  • Dom Perignon. Remains among the top three in terms of turnover and sales.

Today we suggest you a pair of them:

 TAGS:Dom Pérignon 2004Dom Pérignon 2004

Dom Pérignon 2004



 TAGS:Freixenet Casa Sala Nature 2005Freixenet Casa Sala Nature 2005

Freixenet Casa Sala Nature 2005

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