What are the 6 drinks with higher alcohol content?

by Marta Burgués

While we all not have the same tolerance to alcohol, there are many drinks to try and many favorites, so today we will mention the 6 drinks with higher alcohol content. With them you can kick out the cold for sure, but you should drink them in moderation.

Everclear: Included in 1979 in the Guinness Record Book as the most alcoholic in the world, it is distilled from grain, used in similar ways to vodka, and has 95% alcohol.

Absinthe: The second position is for Absinthe, the controversial drink with remarkable story that became the favorite of artists during the nineteenth century. It has between 70 and 90 degrees of alcohol.

 TAGS:Absinthe AuthentiqueAbsinthe Authentique

Absinthe Authentique

Vodka Devil’s Spring: it has 80% alcohol, that is twice than any ordinary vodka. It is manufactured in New Jersey, and its creators recommend mixing it with water to consume.

Rum Stroh 80: This rum produced in Austria, is owned by the Stroh brand and, with 80% alcohol, is distributed in 30 countries worldwide. It is characterized by being aromatic and quite spicy.

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Ron Stroh

Rum Bacardi 151: This rum of Cuban origins is positioned as the fifth drink with higher alcohol content in the ranking. It is currently produced in Puerto Rico, and the rest of their products have a lower graduation than the 75.5 degrees of Rum 151 Bacardi.

Tequila Sierra Silver: among all brands of tequila, this is the one with higher alcohol content. With 38% in its original version, this beverage sold in Mexico is 75% alcohol. Its presentation is very striking thanks to its red mariachi hat shaped cap.

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Sierra Silver Tequila

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