Weirdest wine gifts

by Marta

Christmas is the best chance to give to our loved ones those nice gifts they look forward and they deserve. The festive atmosphere and all the parties and meetings with friends contribute to create the perfect moments for these exchanges. When we want to give something to a wine lover we have many options some of which are so interesting that I had to mention here.

Objects made from old barrels are one of the coolest. You can find beautiful planters to decorate your garden or driveway and even benches to rest. You can also find furniture made from barrels another option for a different deco touch.

 TAGS:Although the most weird object which I have found made from the wood of an old wine barrel are sunglasses. Yes, believe it or not, there is a U.S. company dedicated to commercialize these original glasses with cassava obviously, not from anywhere but from a famous winery. And, the truth is that they are not bad. The price is fair, 120$, especially if you consider that the products coming from these barrels are limited. That is why they are not very cheap.

Wine lovers also tend to be lovers of the process that creates it, so for them I have found a perfect Christmas present, but not suitable for all pockets: the WinePod. Using your WinePod you can create your own wine at home.

 TAGS:Its capacity is not more than 75 liters and it comes together with a program to make the experience more complete and enjoyable. This program will, for example, help you choose which producers can you use grapes from. You just have to connect your WinePod to a computer at home and, among other things, you will be able to control the fermentation process of grapes.

The program guides you through the entire process, even regarding acidity and moisture control. In a few months you can have your own wine made entirely by yourself. Moreover, you can also buy several extras to complete your experience with WinePod. Some of those include a kit with 48 bottles so you can start bottling everything you need.

This new machine opens up new possibilities around wine world for you. Imagine the experience of opening a wine made by yourself with your family or just to give to someone that special bottle you’ve taken a long time to develop and you feel proud of.

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Pack 6 Bottles Misiones de Rengo Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2010

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