Watered wines alcohol reduced

by Marta

Some people are stubborn. They had proposed everything to them and nothing seemed right. This is the story of Chapoutier who watered wine for a living or the based on true events tale of a wine master who wanted to fight global warming.

This man realized that from the nineties until today wine graduation was increasing. He notices that wines went from 12 or 12.5 degrees up to the 14 that we have reached as routine (even 15 in some Australian wines I’ve tasted lately, attracted by their comic labels, but this is something I will talk about another day).

Apart from the health risk in the long run that can be assumed this alcoholic increase is also raining CO2 emissions due to the procedures used to achieve these extra degrees of character in the wine. Chapoutier did not reach the wine world by chance, he liked nature and loves his profession and of  it all has come a great respect for the environment, so he got to spin the issue.

He came up with several options that would work as an alternative to such procedures and suggested choosing certain grapes rather than others, for example using Cabernet Sauvignon instead of Merlot. After a negative reply, he suggested another solution: to increase the cultivation density of vines. But all were drawbacks.

The word not is certainly out of the vocabulary of this environmentalist of the wine, so he finally made it to the simplest solution. The most practical and inexpensive option of all he had thought so far. It is also true that his invention is older than the spoon as it consists nothing more and nothing less than to add water to the wine.

Yes, watered wine. Chapoutier thus argues that the alcohol content is reduced without any impact on the flavor. I say that there will have to be very careful while preparing the mix, because in such a matter is someone is not precise enough it will be a tragedy.

Now it remains to see if these watered wines will be sold or not. For now, most wineries consulted refused to incorporate this process to their wine making, thankfully. They seemed concerned about the reaction of consumers and the bad image that a decision of this kind would give to them. Because well, let’s see, is not soda invented to reduce the wine?

Those who are already having nightmares just thinking about mix red wine with something deserve to relax with a glass of:

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Viña Bujanda Crianza 2009

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