Vodka flavored with what?

by Marta Burgués

As we have seen in previous posts, vodka is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world, thanks in part to the ease with which you can combine it with soft drinks and use it as an ingredient in countless cocktails of all kinds, although originally the habit was to drink it single, as an accompaniment to any meal and to mitigate the cold prevailing in the countries of which is the autochthonous beverage (Russia, Baltic States and Central and Eastern Europe).

In the same way as with other beverages, such as whisky or wine, without going any further, the popularization leads to the appearance of luxury varieties, author editions, special reserves and, in the case at hand, many flavored vodkas with different aromas, mainly citrus, fruits of all kinds and spices.

The taste for novelty and experimentation has also created really curious and even bizarre specialties, such as a vodka elaborated in Alaska, flavored with smoked salmon, or others flavored with chocolate, whipped cream or pumpkin pie.

Some of the flavors that are appearing are taking the subject to the absolute limit, as in the case of producers who make flavored vodkas with peanut butter and jelly, green tea, cookie dough, cucumber, watermelon, cinnamon…

Most of these varieties, however, are designed for use in the preparation of cocktails, but it would be interesting -always keeping the essential moderation when consuming distillates in general- an experience like tasting some of the most spectacular flavors, among which we can include the above mentioned and others such as the fusion of vodka and sauvignon blanc or the vodka flavored with Naga Jolokia chili (the hottest in the world).

We don’t know if this would be legal here, but in Canada it sells a variety flavored with hemp, but we can always play it safe and try delicacies such as the Scorpion Vodka: it goes without saying that it includes a beautiful exemplar of these arachnids at the bottom of the bottle.

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