Vodka does not only speak Russian


If we talk about vodka possibly something that may come up to your mind is Russia and its cold cities, but know that vodka is the distilled drink more extended in the world and therefore it is elaborated all around the world, where ever there is a distillery. Let’s learn more about the vodkas beyond Russia.

If we start talking about Russian vodka who is not we must look at what they call the “vodka belt”, which also includes (European and Asian), includes the three Scandinavian Nordic countries (Norway, Finland and Sweden) and northern countries of Eastern Europe (Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine) these countries, except for Poland, were once part of Russia. Another special mention must be to European vodkas, as those of France, England and Spain, and vodka of United States who are the most drunk in the world.

Scandinavian vodkas

Here as in all Nordic countries vodka reigns. We can start with Sweden, where Level vodka, Absolut, Cape North, Renat and Karlsson’s Gold highlights among others. In Finland, the most known is a vodka with the same name as the country, Finlandia, the Koskenkorva vodka in quite famous too. And in Norway we find the Fjord Viking vodka.

Polish vodkas

In Poland there are many brands of vodka, but there’s -one on top of all them, Sobieski vodka, V – One, Wyborowa, Zubrowka, Chopin, Gdaska, Polonaise, Ultimat and Evolution.

Other european vodkas

In England there are the most reputable, Eristoff, Chase, Smirnoff (this brand is also made in Russia, but is owned by Diageo). In France highlights the Ciroc brand, Jean Marc XO, Esme, Citadelle, Alpha Noble and Grey Goose. Deserves a special mention Artic vodka and the Italian by Roberto Cavalli. the Austrian Oval vodka, the Dutch vodka Vox, Bols, Bong Spirit and Ketel One, the Ukrainian Nemiroff vodka, the Welsh Brecon Five vodka, the and Belarusian Minskaya Kristall and Kristall Etalon, the Swiss Xellent vodka. The Danish Danzka and Icelandic vodka Reyka. It’s also relevant the spanish Rushkinoff Cannabis.

American vodkas

The consumption of vodka in the land of Uncle Sam is very large, between their most representative brands are the Skyy vodka, the most famous, Popov, Lotus, Cirrus and Firefly Muscadine.

Vodka elsewhere in the world

Brazilian brands like Orloff, Cooranbong in Australia, New Zealand’s 42 Below, and the Turkish vodka Lokke.

Why do not we try one? We suggest a couple of vodkas:

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