Vermouth, much more than a drink

by unshel

Vermouth is a drink with a long tradition and has for a long time been widely know around the world. And now, besides the traditional way of serving vermouth, it also it contributes to give the extra touch in local bars with a modern twist.

A social drink

Vermouth is much more than a drink because it is a whole culture. A custom, a know-how, a sharing tapas with others that define the personality of people who likes to go out and talk around a glass of vermouth.

Recognized by chefs with Michelin stars

More and more renowned chefs are raising the value of this traditional drink. Vermouth now resurfaces in a state of fashion that we hope will continue This is the case of Carles Abellan, who with his Spanish tapas restaurants like Tapas24 offers vaious types of vermouth. He has even elaborated tapas to accompany the different kinds. It is also the case of Paco Perez, 5 star Michelin, who is experiencing with flavors and dishes around the vermouth.


And not only bars surrender to vermouth, but workshops, tastings and fairs that take this drink on as a protagonist are organized. They aim to give people a chance to learn more, to discover new brands and flavors, and succeed in combining small dishes and drinks.

Not only on Sundays

Since the vermouth has again become a drink of reference, we have discovered that what was before intended for Sundays, before lunch, now extends to snacks and dinners and different days of the week. Especially on Friday and Saturday afternoon, when peolpe meet up to socialize and relax with friends.

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