Vermouth ingredients

by Marta

Vermouth is almost the most popular drink of the summer after the famous sangría. It is also true that those who like vermouth do not mind the season and they must have it with rain or wind, under the warmest sun or freezing. The ingredients of vermouth are one of those curiosities that many ask for the cocktail hour.

It is normal to have so many doubts. There are those who are more clueless than others, which only know that it comes served with a green olive on a stick, that’s all they can recognize at first glance. Well, it’s something.

Another feature of the vermouth is its performance when it’s served properly. The combination of ingredients that vermouth you chose and the shiny sinking green olive cannot be more chic. But “when am I going to talk about the ingredients?” You are probably thinking. You come here to read so you might as well read a little more …

Well, without further ado, vermouth ingredients are:

  • water (you cannot miss it in any liquid),
  • wine (the best fluid that may contain an alcoholic beverage),
  • sugar (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaasúcarrrrr)
  • …and something more.

Precisely those other things are the ones that define it, the herbs. Normally the ones used for it are wormwood or fennel, although in many cases it is incorporated some variety of anise. Small variations in ingredients and their proportions lead to big changes that open the door to new worlds of flavor. It may also happen that instead of sugar and they use concentrated grape juice, or that to your vermouth recipe caramel derivatives with coloring function are added.

Beyond the issue of the ingredients of vermouth, what matters at the time of order, serve it, enjoy it, share it is to learn to taste and lose the fear to combine it.

For example, what can be more appealing right now than a martini? If you also think so, you only need ice, gin, an olive and of course, dry vermouth. Seek the glass inverted triangle shape, pick a good hammock or chair or whatever you see fit and enjoy the day!

And for those who still do not know what to choose I propose 2 brands of vermouth that everybody likes:

 TAGS:Fernet BrancaFernet Branca

Fernet Branca, the best seller in Argentina



 TAGS:Campari 1LCampari 1L

Campari 1L, glam from Italy

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