Varieties of white grape

by Marta Burgués

Today we present some types of white grapes which produce wines with shades ranging from pale yellow to deep gold. We invite you to buy wine from any of the appellations below at Uvinum.


Albariño is a grape variety from Galicia that produces greenish-yellow wines with well marked floral and fruit aromas. At the time of being newly made it is slightly acidic, but over time will acquire hints of ripe apple and honey caramel. Experts describe Albariño with aromas similar to fern, white flowers and fresh hay, and taste similar to ripe peach… Don’t you want to try it?


Usually vinified to be consumed in the year, the Chardonnay is easy to grow and the most prized white variety, because it withstands all kind of climates and is ideal to be fermented or aged in oak barrels. Tasters often associate this grape with aromas of fresh butter, hazelnut and bread, then giving way to tropical fruits, melon, banana and pineapple.

Without the oak, it acquires good acidity, as well as citrus aromas of grapefruit and green apples, and even sweet fruits such as apricot can be recognized. When fermented and aged in oak, Chardonnay wine offers less acidity and more body, with notes of vanilla, honey, caramel and milk.


With almond pink grapes and taking intoaccount that ?Gewürz? means spice in German, this is a variety that just refer to these aromas and flavors. Gewürztraminer is characterized by the strong presence of fruit and floral notes, similar to those of the Argentinian Torrontes and muscat grapes. In mouth it is related to ripe grapefruit and even mango.

Sauvignon Blanc

With a strong presence of notes reminiscent of green apple and guava, as well as asparagus and peas, in the Sauvignon Blanc is very often found also the aroma of freshly cut grass.


Torrontés is the flagship white grape for the wines produced in Argentina. It can be distinguished by its intense floral aromas, reminiscent of Muscat grape, and also by a touch of roses. Evokes aromas of tropical fruits such as pineapple and banana, but in turn provides notes similar to geranium or fennel.

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