Valentine Gifts (last)

by Arnaldo Alcón Cánovas

Today we finish our (bizarre) collection for Valentine’s Day gifts with a few “special” accessories that will turn your special day into a nightmare full experience. And we have some gifts that will test your love, take a look:

We begin with this heart corkscrew, classic style, suitable only for experts (and lovers without much thirst). Opening corks whith this system is not the easiest way but it comes useful with  long corks – once experienced.

Foil CutterIn second place, we see a heart-shaped foil cutter. The attachment itself is not commonly used at home. Who has not cut the capsule with a knife or the tip of the corkscrew? But at a dinner as special as it often Valentine’s is, not anything goes, and we need  elegance and romance even in the smallest details. And that is what this foil cutter gives, a nice touch.

In any case, the foil cutter is steel made, although hardly practical, at least has  a certain style. Metal accessories have it.

And we’ve reached to our ultimate accessory for Valentine’s Day. And in this case the premise of making it in metal to enhance elegance was not exactly what they decided to do. Because our ultimate accessory is a wine bottle cover, yes, a bit customized for the date it is held:

Wine bottle coverThis is specially maded for Valentine, but it could also be smart for a devoted fan of Park Guell, isn’t it?

This is the determinant accessory, not so much because it allows the bottle to be  decorated in a romantic way, but because, looking at the bottle, you may manage to stop having a partner… definitely.

In any case, if you want to enjoy a full Valentine, we’ve left a few accessories to complete the day. You only need to buy the right wine for the occasion. And above all, from Uvinum, we encourage you to celebrate with enthusiasm, good company and a glass of wine.Cheers!

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