Valentine Gifts (III)

by Arnaldo Alcón Cánovas

Heart stopperWe continue preparing Valentine’s Day! We want to organize a perfect evening for you and your partner and, of course, we must look to the last detail, right? So today we discover accessories you can add to this day. We’ve got to talk about wine corks. 

Yes, there are wine stoppers designed to use when we uncork a bottle and want to keep whatever we don’t drink and we have not kept the cork or it is not in the best conditions, or we simply want to have a stylish item. And it is in this area where, at least on the Internet, there is more creativity and variety associated with St. Valentine. 

We start with a fine item with love: This is a huge wire heart wraped around the bottle. Note the 2 smaller hearts hanging, and in each hart there is a stamped word “you” and “me”, so romantic, but not too practical when you go and keep the wine in the fridge, right? 

The most classic is a heart-shaped stopper in aluminum, like the one you see here: 

Classic heart stopper

Simple and elegant and easy to hold to open the bottle and it can also be stored anywhere. 
Cristal heart stopperBut in these cases, we must look at love, and nothing would work better than a Valentine’s cap with a heart made with “diamond? Well, it is actually made of glass, but still looks beautiful. 

And finally we have, of course, the richest, those with lots of money to spend and want to do it with class. 

For them, from Uvinum we recommend a heart shape made wine stopper , a hand-blown Murano glass, a jewel that will make your partner’s get a clear message: “I love you, baby.” 

Murano HeartOh well, however you are, here you have at your disposal wine stopper to choose from, at a truly affordable price, that will serve to give a romantic touch to Valentine’s dinner. How about the wine stopper? Are they too corny? Do you usually use them, or are you someone who shuts the bottle with the same cork? Do you like the idea of using a separate cap for this occasion, or is it a waste?

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