Valentine Gifts (II)

by Arnaldo Alcón Cánovas

Valentine’s Day comes and we need to serve a glass of love to our partner (corny, huh?). But what would you use to aerate wine? What decanter to use? In Uvinum we’ll show you some of the most interesting (and loving) wine decanters.

In first place, we present an original decanter with a heart figure inserted, so Ideal for gifts with a message like: “You take my heart and hope you can fill the gap”, or “With love and love I give this decanter” if you’re a little more posh.

But of course, beyond the esthetic taste, the truth is that this fancy decanter is quite useful, practical and manageable to handle due to that hole in the middle. For now, it seems like a good Valentine’s gift.

Love bottle

The other option offered is this other bottle for wine, but seems more suitable for liqueurs and other spirituous beverages. Based on the same shape as the decanter, a bottle of liquor is a gift with a romantic spot.

If you want to make the complete gift, and a sweeter time, I would fill it with a bottle of Quinta do Castelinho Double Magnum Vintage 1996 Porto, which will leave your partner absolutely dazzled by its gentleness, velvety and breadth of aromas. Valentine deserves no less, right?

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