Valentine Gifts (I)

by Arnaldo Alcón Cánovas

Love bottleHere comes the month of love with Valentine’s Day, in which we celebrates Valentine. Have you thought about a gift?

As we at Uvinum are so thoughtful and care about you, we can offer some suggestions to give to your valentine. Today’s is a customized label for a bottle of

The labels come with a dual message, as many greeting cards, one in the front and one on back. In this you could read: “My love, I love you, you are the light of my life, the wind that blows my bla bla bla”, while in the back reads: “Now open the bottle and lose your clothes “.

They are romantic messages with a naughty touch, funny and sometimes slightly off-color. So do not read the message of the following label:

Saint Valentine's day

How about you? Can you think of any message you write to your lover? What wine would you give as a present? Does it look like a nice touch to you?

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