Valencia wines conquer UK

by Marta

Is it because of their phenols? Or perhaps it is due to their presence. What do wines of Comunidad Valenciana have to be conquering UK? The truth is that it is well known that for an Englishman there is nothing like a good day of sun and beach, as that can be enjoyed in Valencia and Alicante, therefore any product related to such a utopia gains ground. They cannot help it.

Another advantage of Valencian wines is that healthy food is on the increase, yes also in the Anglo-Saxon culture, although they seemed hard nut to crack. And so Mediterranean diet is famous because it is healthy, it tastes good (very good) and we can say that it is also quite inexpensive (but we better don?t talk about money and Spain… at least for some lines). A generous glass of red wine together with a roast lamb with salad garnish, an extremely fresh white wine to drink with what? To drink with ?paella?, of course, cooked as those you can get by the Malvarrosa beach. That?s just priceless.

Prejudices that crowned the Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines as top wines of Spain for export are gone. Valencia region steps forward with his three DO: DO Valencia, DO Utiel-Requena and DO Alicante, producing better wines every year, which begin to be in high demand both in UK and in Scandinavia.

Usually, for red wines grapes Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Bobal are very demanded, on their own or in various combinations with other grape varieties. The most popular targets when we talk about white wines are those containing Merseguera, Macabeo, Malvasia or Sémillon.

Those who want to taste and hit must start with an ?Angosto?, which means ?narrow?, either white or red. They are very traditional wines with all the flavor of Valencia.

Design lovers with a passion for wine can opt for a Maduresa 2006, which is a powerful wine very nicely finished, a really good choice that gets even better if decant, possibly because of its masterful combination of six grapes which incorporates one of my favorites: the Petit Verdot, which I cannot resist, especially when it comes in good company. And for the white, the same winery Celler del Roure, has a pearl: the Cullerot 2010. It shows an intense and slightly floral nose, fresh and citrusy on the palate, reminiscent of the orange and lemon trees in the region.

Join the Mediterranean diet, hear the voice of experience and take your glass to receive a delicious amount of antioxidants Made in Valencia:

 TAGS:Enrique Mendoza Moscatel de la Marina 2010Enrique Mendoza Moscatel de la Marina 2010

Enrique Mendoza pointed the way for modern wines in the Comunidad Valenciana.

Buy Enrique Mendoza Moscatel de la Marina 2010 7,04?

 TAGS:El Sequé 2009El Sequé 2009

El Sequé, a great Monastrell wine from Alicante.

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