Uvinum.co.uk, the international social wine recommendations website

by Nico Bour

We just launched Uvinum.co.uk on March the 1st. It is our first international expansion since the launch of Uvinum Spain (www.uvinum.es) last December 15th. As we have posted before, Uvinum’s purpose is to democratize wine knowledge worldwide. Thanks to users wine reviews and experts recommendations, Uvinum helps every wine lover find the most relevant wine to their consumer profile, using a language that anyone can understand and at the best price, purchasing in the major online wine merchants.
In this goal of making wine sector  accessible to all, Uvinum wants to give complete information and costumers reviews for each wine, personalized recommendations and the option to purchase wine comparing prices in the best online stores.
Uvinum relies on several attributes:
1. Becoming the major online reference in terms of wine catalogue offering recommendations and reviews of users and experts.
2. Allowing users to compare and access to the best prices through agreements with leading online wine stores.
3. Our own exclusive Behavioral Targetting Technology. Recommending wines thanks to Uvinum’s platform that learn from user behavior and actions in Uvinum to offer the best wines according to their consumer profile.

Our young start-up based in Barcelona was launched to become an international project and after Uvinum UK and Spain, we expect to enter  new markets like the United States (www.uvinum.com). The focus of our company is global, but Uvinum will act locally in each market adapting its strategy and activities to the market and consumer profile of each country.

The fact is that the English wine market has become extremely attractive. Over 14 million consumers in 2008 who drink wine, and is expected to grow by 20% in the coming years. The consumer’s profile mainly oriented to the discovery of new wines and trends from all over the world, who need customized recommendations they trust to find the wine that best fit their needs. A market also highly relevant to cellars from all over the world who want to export their wines to the UK and promote their brand and products in this market, being Uvinum an ideal plaform to generate brand awareness. All of this has  convinced us to enter  this market with the goal of leading the social wine recommendations market in the coming years.
We are waiting you in Uvinum.co.uk to share your passion for wine!.

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