Uvinum, the origin

by Albert López

Translated from “Uvinum, el origen

Nico Bour, our CEO, already announced that Uvinum came up from a conversation in Facebook, the most popular social network, using Web 2.0 right from the beginning. But would you like to discover what we wrote exactly to each other in those first messages exchanged between the Uvinum founders? Just keep reading.

A project

Nico Bour: “December 9, 2008 at 16:37pm

Hello boys,

I feel a little cheeky, but I have to tell you this.

If you are interested in talking about a personal project I’ve been thinking about for a while… not that I want to be mysterious, but there are interesting possibilities … 🙂 It is a project of great interest from a SEO point of view, and also very Web 2.0, and has a clear and important business model. There is a good competitor in this market, but still consider it pretty virgin.

Ok then, no more mysteries by now 🙂

Looking forward to your replies!


Albert Garcia & Albert López: “December 9, 2008 at 17:45pm

Hey guy, here we are: The Alberts 🙂

Well, at first sight … like you said, the truth is that it does sound very “mysterious” to us!. 😉

Well, you know that we would literally sign up for anything, and if things are really like you describe them… then we may be interested in this project. If you could give us more detail, we could reply with a bit more certainty. We are intrigued.

Nico Bour: “December 9, 2008 at 18:55pm

Ok man, I know that I was not very clear. I’m transparent anyway ’cause ideas are useless if they’re not put into practice.

Here’s the situation: the world of wine (it sounds nice already, huh?). I know it quite well (or very well, I’d say) because my family has been producing wine for over 150 years. My family works full time in this business on our property in France and I’ve always lived in this world, which allows me to get a rough idea of this sector and especially to have contacts in several countries, and even a possible consultant: my father, who has over 30 years of experience in the sector. All these elements can be used for many purposes (I must admit I havent’ said a word about this to my father… yet.)

The fact is that we are in a society where leisure and pleasure of life are becoming increasingly important, but in the case of wine, people usually love it but have little idea about it, or no idea at all. It is an area where big companies (…) that control pretty much everything and are popular enough with the public, but there are thousands of producers in each country who are completely unknown except to the experts, and are difficult to recommend because nobody has access to them (and people value them for their brand but do not know anything about their product). When I say wine products or big companies I also mean tourist offices or restaurants with winelists, wineries…

The fact is – and I see in my business sector with Tripadvisor, which is the leader in hotel recommendations (and you know it) that personal recommendations and ratings of products by users will become increasingly more important and valuable as content. The UGC is a key factor and will be even more important as regards reputation and trust (brochures are no longer useful). If you add a immense social layer that lets you create your virtual cellar, your wine wish list with those wines you’d like to have… meeting other wine lovers and organizing meet-ups, creating discussion groups, inviting winemakers or wine products so users can chat with them… so there are lots of possibilities within a sector in which there is a lot of passion and pleasure.


It is a sector in which there are already some very strong competitors in ecommerce (…) but I see possibilities in the mix “recommendation + community” (…). There is a chance to do something very powerful because it is a sector that needs more online presence. (…). It also has interesting options regarding mobile, because I’m thinking of someone in a supermarket or a restaurant looking at a wine, and he doesn’t know if it’s good or not (so he connects via ewifi to the site and immediately solves the doubt thanks to recommendations and ratings).

This is just a quick summary so that you get a clearer picture.

So let me know what you think about it … take it easy though. I think it’s a great combination of community project and SEO, that can have a great brand in itself, and that, if properly done, it can only succeed. (…).

I’ll stop here, this message is already long enough hehehehehe.


And from here, you can imagine: we met one day to discuss the whole idea more calmly (with a few glasses of wine in between, by the way) and so we have been going into details that have changed the original concept we had in Facebook. Launch is approaching, you will soon discover what is Uvinum and share our passion for wine. Are you in?


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