Unbeatable Pairings with Rosé Wine

by Sara Rodrigo

The summer almost begs for us to lounge by the sea with a glass of cold rosé in our hand. This wine is fresh, it has charisma, and it presents lovely, fruity aromas. The best of the rosés can be paired with various types of food. Today we take a look at some great pairings.

Rosé wine and Meat

Although a nice rosé by default pairs perfectly with fish, it is also great for pairing with meat. Try serving your rosé with sausages or red meats. This works especially well if the colour of the wine has a more intense colour ranging from a stronger pink to almost red.

We advise you to choose a wine which is made with Monastrell grapes if you want to pair your wine with pork. The fruity flavour of a cool rosé goes very well with barbeque ribs or any grilled meat.

With Seafood

Fresh rosé wine is perfect to pair with seafood. Choose a rosé that both tastes and smells like fruits as it will intensify the powerful flavour of certain seafood.

With Fish

Rosé wine, in addition to white wine, is one of the best choices for dishes with all kinds of fish, preferably fish with white meat.

With Cheeses

Cheese and rosé wines are a match made in heaven. We highly recommend to enjoy a glass of rosé with goat cheese, camembert or brie. It will bring out the special similarity of both flavours.

With Pasta or Salads

Fresh summer dishes like salads, pasta, and rice pair perfectly with rosés. They have a unique smoothness and freshness in common, which make the dishes even more enjoyable.

With Fruits

Rosés pair perfectly with most desserts, and they are a perfect match with a plate of fruit.

You can serve your Tuscan rosé wines with pasta and with appetisers such as crostini, which are little slices of toasted bread accompanied by toppings such as tomato or pâté. The rosés of Australia pair well with cheeses on the softer end of the scale. Choose the Spanish rosés for both fish and certain types of meat.

Rosé wine presents its flavours best if served cold, however, it should not be too cold. The temperature is an important aspect of serving a perfectly chilled glass. In fact, it should be slightly warmer than when serving a white wine but still cooler than a glass of red wine.

Translated by Karoline Arlberg

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