Types of orujo, a specialty increasingly demanded

by Marta Burgués

 - You’ve probably had the opportunity to taste the orujo after a good, long meal with friends or accompanying the dessert. It is the best time to do it because orujo helps the digestion, avoiding the heaviness and fatigue sensation. 

Coming from the grape skin once fermented, the orujo is a spirit with increasingly more adepts, as it offers different types and varieties. 

We can distinguish between young orujo, which has no enrichments after distillation and is usually white and transparent colored. We also find aromatic orujo, when mixed with the most aromatic grapes, aged orujo, yellowish white and aged in oak barrels, and even flavored, which is elaborated through maceration with herbs. 

Within these varieties, we can find different types of orujo, some very popular, classical and even truly original. The white orujo is the most famous, and it’s in Galicia where we find some of the most remarkable. Its transparent color is unmistakable and is perfect to accompany a dessert, coffee or to elaborate the Galician queimada. 

The herbs orujo is gaining ground by offering different flavors and comes from the maceration of orujo with varieties of herbs and fruits. It’s usually completely digestive, so the best way to drink it is after a somewhat heavy meal. 

The coffee orujo and honey orujo are other varieties for palates seeking for other flavors. Especially, women love the honey orujo, being very sweet and with an unmistakable aroma. The coffee orujo adds a unique texture and is suitable for coffee lovers. 

Other emerging orujos are the toasted ones, the chestnut orujo, and orujo creams with a creamy texture very distinctive. 

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Orujo Xantiamen Miel



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Orujo Afilador Café 1L



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