Types of Gin

by Alberto Martínez

 TAGS:Gin is one of the most popular spirits in the world, but to be pigeonholed into a “Designation of Origin”, it must have nebrina flavour (fruit of juniper). The European Union legislation supports up to 4 drinks flavoured with this fruit. These names are: “Alcoholic spirit beverages with juniper”, “Gin”, “Distillate Gin” and “London Gin”.

Do you know the different types of gin? We help you to distinguish them.

Appellations of Origin of the Gin

  • Juniper-flavoured spirit drinks

This is the kind of gin that has grown most in recent years. Many spirits are attached to this name its only aim was of trade.

Basically this denomination holds 19 kinds of gin from different countries, which obviously are flavoured with juniper as its name states, and many of them are labeled as “Gin” as it is a generic word. Another of the characteristics of this denomination of origin is that this is made with juniper) “Juniperus communis L” and “Juniperus oxicedrus L” (The other designations are made only with galbula “Juniperus communis L”.

  • Gin

This kind of designation of origin of Gin uses for its elaboration ?tasteless alcohol” (for the other classes, spirit drink is used). Besides that, for its development, only galbula Juniperus communis L is permitted. These details give the Gin processing a distinctive aroma and special bouquet that makes it different to the other appellations of origin.

  • Distillate Gin

In this type of designation the main characteristic is that it is prepared with a minimum of alcohol content of 96%, this in contrast to “Gin” is made with a spirit. As its name implies, this gin is distilled, we might say that it is “redistilled”. In this second distillation is often to add a few flavourings which clearly change the taste, making a flavoured Gin.

  • London Gin

This kind of is very similar to the Distillate, but it has a significant difference, this one does not allow mixed with any kind of sweetener or food coloring (ingredients that often includes the distilled Gin). You could say that London is the most pure and dry of the 4 appellations and of course it has the strongest flavour of juniper. This designation will usually use the word “Dry”.

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